A note about our mug sizes

Following customer feedback, we are updating the names of our mug sizes. Whether you know our mugs by their previous names (Standard, Quite Big and Big) or capacity (300ml, 350ml and 400ml), read on for our updated naming convention.

Please note: we have not changed our mugs, we have only updated the size description to be more accurate.

Mug capacity has been taken from an average of five mugs filled to the brim. If in doubt, always check the SKU code (which has not changed) or get in touch with the office who will be happy to help.

Previous name(s)

New name

SKU prefix

Standard, 300ml


O (e.g. OMF01)

Quite Big, 350ml


Q (e.g. QRH01)

Big or Large, 400ml


B (e.g. BHP01)