A note about our prices

As our product range has diversified, communicating minimum order quantities (MOQs) has become increasingly more complicated, yet more important than ever.

During a recent website update, we have made some changes to simplify the ordering process. After this update, you may have noticed prices look a little different. Read on for details of what’s changed and why.

As always, you can download a one-page PDF with all MOQs, price-per-unit and RRP here. For further help with pricing, or if something doesn’t look right, please contact sales@msmugs.com.

What’s changed and why?

Previously, SKUs were listed as individual items with a quantity selector on each product page. This selector was hard-coded to only allow ordering in increments based on the product type (e.g. mugs in 6s). As technology often does, this didn’t always work as intended, leading to confusion for customers and staff alike.

Increments are now listed as variants of the same SKU and the base price of each product now reflects this change. As part of a future update, we will display the price per unit and RRP on each product page.

Product page before and after, showing quantity selector vs increments as variants.

Increments at a glance

To help you more readily see the increments for each product, we have added icons to the bottom right corner of each product image. These icons are visible on the home page and collection pages only.

Increment indicators on home page and collection pages. In this example, bookmarks are sold in 12s and notebooks in 8s.

Updating quantities after adding to cart

Once products have been added to the cart, you can increase the number of packs (e.g. two lots of 6 mugs) using a quantity selector. This lets you make last-minute tweaks before placing your order.

Please note that increments in your cart relate to the original quantity chosen on the product page. In the example below, the order has: 6 x I Like To Party (one lot of 6), 12 x I Bloody Love You (one lot of 12) and 12 x Potato/Vodka (two lots of 6).

Using the quantity selector on I Bloody Love You increases the number by 12 each time.To change I Bloody Love You to increments of 6, remove it from the cart and add the product again.

If your preferred way to order is to select SKUs first, we recommend adding everything as lots of 6 before making your changes in the cart drawer.